Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yesterday they told Candice about Maggie. I was nervous as fuck to see her and spent a lot of time thinking about what I would even say. Bric told me to go regardless, which is right. I don't have to say anything, I just want her to know I'm there. I'm very happy I went. She was much more awake, still a broken pile of bones and drugged up... but she was responding with her typical smart ass sense of humor. I felt really guilty for laughing as much as she made me. That girl sure made light of a situation. It's a little ridiculous how comical she is-given her state. But if anybody can make me laugh right now, it's her. We told her she was in better shape than everyone else in the room. She argued that they were 50 years older than her. She's in charge of medicating herself when she feels more pain. Baby girl can barely manage to press the button. She asked the Doctor how much is too much 'cause she didn't want to overdose. She complained about how ugly she must look and how swollen all over she was. I wanted to punch her, like bitch you broke your jaw. Those were actually my words exactly. She looks fine though... everything will clear up. Candice is so damn strong. She didn't mention anything about Maggie and neither did we. She's handling it well, I guess. They told her the day before and apparently had to tell her a few times 'cause she kept asking in and out. Her dad said she's stopped asking.

So good seeing and speaking to her, much more than the last time. Her conversation is one of my favorites. She tried to sincerely tell me thank you for coming and I kind of wanted to punch her again. The hospital is like my new hangout. Of course, girl. She goes into surgery today and I'm excited to see her tonight.

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