Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Fuck. . .
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Fuck, I just came

My friends selling a camera,

I don't know too much about it
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I don't know shit else, but hit me up if you're interested and I'll direct you to the guy who does

"In other News"

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goodtimes, goodtimesz

I forgot to Mention,

~~~~~~~~~~Before the Movies,

So I stopped by the Walmart across the Street from the Movies to grab some goodies real quick, and I see this relatively young, I bet you went to my High School girl in bright colors and big earings -walking extremely slow with her Mom- in front of me. I'm rushing and I really feel like she's gonna stop me for whatever reasons by 'Don't I know you?'. Not on some arrogant shit, just that it's actually happened a few times before. So I try to look straight and zoom by her, and sure enough, "HEY." I was anticipating.. I turned around and hello'd. Apparently, we had Speech class together but I 100% don't remember her (which I would've, so we probably didn't talk) She immediately went into conversation about how was my first year in College and where was that exactly. bla blAH.
What I'm saying this for is she STOPPED mid-sentence and was like,

"whoa, YOU'VE BEEN SWIMMING." Me: Uh. .
"You've gotten really dark!" . . . I laughed it off and tried to carry on the topic of school by asking her how Ranchview was -and she blurted out again, "I MEAN YOU GOT REALLY DARK"
I almost punched her in da faceee.

To make a long story short, I told you guys I lost that sweet Rojo Caramel complexion of mine. I haven't seen this chick in over a year and she damn sure recognized it.
I'm going to go lock myself in the Refrigerator.

~~~~~~~~~~After the Movies,

So I just got done seeing Twilight, walking to my car, and when I started my engine, guess what song comes on!

Holy cow, this shit has never jammed harder. It was perfect timing from my mixed cd for this to come on. Now I can't stop listening to this. again.
This definitely should have been on the Eclipse Soundtrack, shoutouts to Jacob.

But seriously, regardless of whatever soundtrack, this song is so fucking good, mm.


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lmfao man, this is really funny! When you actually think about how this guy got caught. It's so stereotypical not really. But this guy actually got caught like this. You fucking retard. You're really bad at what you do.

Twilight Eclipse

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Blow my fucking head off! Twilight Eclipse was Amazinnn! Little bit more action; less predictable. Jacob got less gayer. Bella trying to get kinky and shit..ha, the best out of the three films, for sure. I just wish the audience didn't clap after every uplift of a scene like we're at the Fucking Opera. But, duh, I know.

So I'm sitting in this crowded ass theater, as expected, and I realize two things:
1. There sure are a lot of Parents here? Like okay, maybe their kids are too young for the 12:00am premier so they joined.. But old lady to my right 100% walked in by herself and sat next to me. And the other two ladies to my left, I didn't see their children in sight, neither. *scratches chin. Oh, well.
2. Why the fuck is there an Employee improving as a Hype man for the Movie? Manager, I figured. This kind-of old guy with a grey Johnny Bravo cut -trying to get his groove back starts trying to pump the crowd up with a, "WHO'S HERE FOR TEAM JACOB? WHAT ABOUT TEAM EDWARD?" He kept coming back, tried throwing some jokes in and shit. I almost threw a tomato at him. &The cheesiest, he engaged the audience in a 3,2,1 count down for the start of the film. -_-

Anywho, I think it's time I buy Tee Shirts, ha . . . and a Tattoo

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My friend with the Movie hook up can't give tickets or passes to the Twilight showings, tonight. Plus, I'm sure their Managers will be there. . . So
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I'll be seeing this at 9:00pm and I'll just sneak into a twilight. I'll have to get my good seat in advance, anyways.
But I've been meaning to see this, even though it got terrible ratings. Megan's in it.

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Holy Shit it's going down. Holy Shit.
I strongly debated on seeing the Midnight showing of this because I knowww there will be teeny boppers everywhere and too much talking, screaming, cheering. Oh well, I'm going in. Solo Dolo.


This is the steeziest I have ever seen her. I'm pretty sure that's a Tits, or HellzBellz, or Dime Piece shirt. Regardless, cool fit girl.

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frequently jammin'

damn his superior skills to make a good song

Welcome back, Boys

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HBO's best series.
I hate that it's only 30 minutes.

When I saw Diana Ramirez looking GREAT as usual, I almost put 'She Hate Me' in.
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Happy Belated Birthday

Would you believe I forgot my Dog's Birthday, again? Damnit. In fact, the only time I've actually celebrated his birthday on time, was when he turned 1. Look at him now, He's 11 marked June 25th.

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or 77. . .But he doesn't look a day over 21. or 3.
Man, oh man. Look how adorable he is? How do all my friends make fun of him. I love my boy. Though he runs out on me, he's the only consistent man in my life. Pathetic.

This be my Main man, right here.

Henry David Thoreau:

"If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost; that is where it should be.
Now put the foundations under them."

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Shoutouts to Jennifer Beals Photography
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Oh my fucking gosh, I just found the kewlllest L word blog on Tumblr last night, and I'm going through it all. I'm such a happy person. Now I'm going to be sprinkling all kinds of L word Memories on my blog.

Monday, June 28, 2010

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I love you.

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Missing about 4 more. I will get them, eventually. I will.

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ha, silly

Saw this Today,

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I totally forgot Kristen Stewart was in it. love her.

So I'm sitting on the couch watching it, and shit I'm a little bit excited. I've been wanting to see another film of her acting, besides Twilight. So I'm having a conversation with myself. Mentally. and I literally thought about why I'm the fan I am of hersz, cause she's really not all that exceptional?
I then decided to blog about her again and as I'm thinking of what I would say in the post, one of the sentences is I don't know why I like her so Much.

In that instant, it hit me. . .

All this Subconscious BullShit.

Life's just soOo good for the Smiths

As if your Last name isn't cool enough. pfft..

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They're Nine and Eleven, for crying out loud. Rich fucks.

You know, you're one of the reasons I started to get into clothes/shoes... I thank you for that

Haha cooooo. You're welcome? I didn't try to.

I wonder how I brought that upon you, exactly. hmm.

Ask me anything

Today in Class,

Good fun, I wrote my name on Cole's spiral. Only so he'd never forget me.

-turns out he wasn't too fond of that. In response, he wrote a poem/freestyle:

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". . . The Vagina."


And my boobs are getting big, so I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.


I mean, whassup? So I can tell I'm getting uglier. . .

That's cool. The first step is acceptance.
My skin pigments are darkening. I'm losing that sweet Rojo Caramel complexion I had and I'm getting black. Shoutouts to the Sun.
I got all kinds of new scars.
I neverrr got bit not once when I was at school. Out in the Country. But since I've been home, I've got these new ankle freckles and other random scratched up/scaring bite marks assorted over my body. Shoutouts to the Irving Mosquito Department.
But it's not just them,
Shoutouts to my bitch'sister's fingernails. as well as my own.
-As far as me, I've been picking the f u c k out of my nail bed. Another bad habit of mine, and geez. Blood Everywhere. Not to mention I'm on my period, so I'm like fucking Bloody Mary right now.
But don't worry guys, I'm plugged and I've got bandaids for my flanges.

I planned on saying more but I'll keep my followers and bite my tongue. I'll save it for another day.

Exhibit A

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Chinese boy scratching his forehead. . . with his foot. . .at Metropark.

In reference to giving my blog a Facelift

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..I thought it was cute.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I've been busy, alright.

My nails look horrible.
I'm bloated.
I really enjoyyyy being on Twitter while an awards show is on. It's fun.
My mom left at like 11am yesterday and didn't come back til like 9am today. I knew she had some hot weak date, but she was gone basically 24hours without disturbing me with her phone calls. That's very unlike her. I thought she was dead. or kidnapped.
I pulled a poop load of eyelashes out my left eye.. shit. -Bad Habits
My hairs growing, covering my neck and shit. If I look up, it touches my back.

So yesterday, I randomly decided to play a game on my phone.. which I never do/my friends at school always did.
And you know how you can customize it, .. the settings on Checkers had been altered since I last played it.
I just sat there looking at the new registered Name and team for like 5 minutes.
It was a long "Damn." moment.
You were cute and silly. ...Would you believe it's only been about 5 weeks.
(and then Ryan Leslie's "Used to Be" pops into my head)

And then. I sat there on my couch listening to music videos, and on some super weak shit, went through old text messages from particular people. Recaps.

I don't regret any of the decisions I've made.
I need what I had again. Cause I've got nothin.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My nigga, Keri

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haha, a certified hooper. Hilson at the post? Bitch better work

. .

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Fuck me, Man, This shit is Heeeeeeeee--larious. Didn't think I'd like it so much.

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and now I'm watching this. I think something is wrong with me. I've never watched so many movies consecutively in my life.

Last Night

towards the End of Public Enemies, my boy Jontae from school(college) called me! Just checkin' in/catchin' up. He's just so cool staying in Jamaica for the summer, pfft. Anyways, we talked for like an hour and at one point- after we talked about relationship fails- we got on the topic of "Interracial Couple'ling"

Me: Lately, I've been more attracted to not Black guys. I'm ready to date a white guy, again. Or a non black guy.

Jontae: Oh-my-Gaaaahhhhddd! I want to date a White girl SoOo Bad!!
Me: Haha, Why the sudden urge to date a White girl?
Jontae: I don't know, I just do.

Me: We need to go to more Mixed Parties or Events.
Jontae:(Confessing) I think If I ever had sex with a white girl. . . I would b u s t inside her. (pause in conversation) starts laughing

Me: (?!) LOL'ing ,wait what?! what the hell?
Jontae: I wouldn't even do it for pleasure.

. . . I just need my kids to be pretty. They have to be. ..Ah, They would be so beautiful.

. . . You know what, I'll give you that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Edward came over tonight

It's 12:09, right now and we're watching Public Enemies
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Well, I am. . . I still enjoyed his company more so than usual tonight
-before we put the Movie in.

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switching positions on me. Looks like an Overdose
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I saw this Today

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(Training Day)

and then afterward, I watched this

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(Behind Enemy Lines)

And I forgot to post this Sunday, but I just saw this too

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What I didn't realize until I was finding pictures for these films. . . Did you know all these were made in 2001? Could've fooled me. I would expect really crappy quality. low definition. ect ..but no. I guess that's why they're all classics.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Afro Ninja 2 - a MUST watch = Lmfao

Jeremy showed this to me and some friends a few weeks back. This can't be real life.

This first guy has way too much pride in himself haha. They All do. But he's like "HEY. HEY.. HEY." with the most non-intimidating fist slap. holy shit.
If you're not sold by the first clip, don't even finish watching the video

This shit is tooOo funny! I cry laughing everyyyyytime. God Damnit, that's good stuff.
Walking through the Hallways at school, I saw this signed mini poster of John Travolta haha. So random
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Like what's this school's focus

Taking a break from class

This is what I do when Cole isn't there. Which is all the time.
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I come out the doors next to the room. Sit down on the curb and listen to some music for 20minutes. Maybe check my facebook or twitter on my phone.

I'm fresh out of questions.. soO uh. . . Any Inquiries? Be respectful, please. I've answered every question, so far.

click this

Rabbit Week

In school, I did this thing every now and then called Rabbit Week. I named it myself. ;)

It's just a little "HxC" trial I put myself through for a solid 7 days:

2 meals per day. One of thems a Salad.
No snacks, unless I break up one of the two meals and munch on that.
pure AQUA and that's it for beverages.
No eating before noon or after 8pm. (Works best if I'm in bed before 12!)
And I'll run twice a day.

I really like it. and because I'm so poor, I can't afford to eat out, so the more home cooked meals or noodles, the better.

Yeahh. I'll be beginning that tomorrow, but I'm going to go ahead and get started tonight.
Somebody should do it with me.


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Her voice will never not soothe me.

frequently jammin'

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

^_^ (claps hands repeatedly)

And I have until August 13th to finish the book. If I can ever get it back from Blue. (I left it at his place and it got packed somewhere =/

Oh, I cannot wait. . . .And might I add that Julia Roberts was perfect for this role

Well. That's not Creepy.

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