Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Life in Times of Morgan Farruya.

I have to leave my room by 8:40(ideally) if I'd like to make it to my 9:00 Apparel class on time, comfortably. I leave my room at 8:51. To make up for lost minutes, I go ahead and drive across Campus. I find a parking spot that I would have to squeeze into.. Parallel park..and somebody pulls up behind me. I'm blocking the One Way. I hate having to parallel park under pressure.
I check my phone and I have 6 minutes to do my Homework in my car.
I walk into class at 9:03 which has surprisingly already started.It's usually not like that. My teacher pauses her lecture, hinting I'm interrupting her. I mouth "sorry" and start to maneuver through the desks to get to my own. Randomly placed table blocks me and I have to walk all through the Projector/Screen/whatever so I'm interrupting everybody else taking notes too. whoops. It wasn't that bad, but I hate being late.
We got out of Class early and I went to Einstein's to get a Bagel. Blueberry Bagel Toasted with Strawberry Cream Cheese. The Best. And a Water. Lent.
2 girls from Class came in behind me. One of them ordered the Same thing as me.
I sat at the little table spots against the windows. They sat to the Right of me and proceeded to have bff after class talk. I awkwardly made eye contact with people who weren't supposed to see me staring out the Window.

I hate classes that are so boring, you don't even get sleepy. I sat in History and 100% Daydreamed through his entire lecture. I thought of so many different endings that would never happen. The only thing I managed to write for my notes today was a Bigg Frowny face. History used to be my best/favorite Subject.

I don't feel like writing this anymore.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The most Endangered Species in our Nation isn't a Big Woodpecker or some Open Water Fish... It's the Tongue in our Heads. The English language is a third of what it was 100 years ago."

Crooks/10 deep/Kid Robot/Triko/Levis/Jordan/Stussy

size mens small

mens small 10 deep hoodie.. just bout this in Jan.

womens medium

My beloved Triko Hoodie... fuckin love this smh.. Womens xs

Mens Levis jacket --#1 seller in the store at Levis; always sold out. Medium

Brand spankin new--havent even tried them on ..6.5

Inquiries to or my cell if you have it

Dont mind the old comments, it's an old blog post i'm using.


. . .

"Damn. Homie might do her like the Rest of them?
She said she couldn't find the Treasure in the Chest of Him."

Télépopmusik -"Don't look back"

I don't know much about them, but I really like their stuff.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

pushes bottom lip out.

This Blog isn't coming along how I want it to Be. I'm still trying to get it right. Somethings off. I'm thinkin maybe if I sprinkle more of myself between these irrelevant ass posts.

I'm still tryin' to get it right.

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I know I need to grow up, because you probably have to be 8 years old or younger to wear these. But I really want a pair. Any Color. Walmart is getting some cute shit man, fuck it.


Jordan's for Sale. Size 6.5

"Love is a guessing Game. And that's the beauty of it. There's No Guarantee. It's like jumping into a pool and not knowing if it's shallow or not. Sure, if it's shallow you'll be hurt and paralyzed from the Neck Down. But if it's Deep? It's like the Leap of Faith... It's like throwing yourself out there with No Guarantee, and that's what life's about."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Trying to win back my innocence with y'all. My previous posts just all happened to be about sex.

Saundra = Zoe

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This is a Freeze-Frame from After Sex. You cannot tellllll me that Saundra's Hungry ass does not look like she needs to be wedged between some white girls Legs right here. And this bitch is eating "Lobster Claws" which happens to be another nick name for the Vagina. Gay Gay Gay.

After Sex.. the Movie.

after sex movie Pictures, Images and Photos

I clearly understand why this movie got a generous 6 out of 10. I mean... these were just short segments, 1 at a time, of each relationship being based on Sex. And for you Horn Dogs, there's not 1 full on sex scene.. maybe you'll hear something. It's all talk. Hints the Name, "After Sex". Also, I want to give a Shoutout to my friend Saundra Alexander who Played Zoe Saldana who played Kat. They should've just named Kat, Saundra.
Anywaysz, There's several ways this film could've been better and I don't even feel like suggesting them. I WILL SAY that they tricked me with the first Scene. I absolutely loved it. This was the best little segment of them all. And I totally quoted home girl on the Love example. If you want to see more. Don't rent it. just Youtube it. I'm sure, However you think this movie will be, It's not that.

If you don't watch it all the way through to the last second, you're gay

Alright, I PROMISE I'm not Sex Craved.

This is all Pure Coincidence in what I'm posting.
I was checking out Mila Kunis on IMDB for her next film and saw that she was in this One. And not just her, but like aBAGILLION other recognized actors and actresses.
..I've never heard of the Director/Writer Eric Amadio. Not that I know my Directors and shit like that, anyway. Ima Check him out though.
This movie got 6 out of 10 stars. Jeezz. But fuck it, Who ever made this Trailer Sold me.

After Sex 2007

Your welcome.

Well Lookawehavehere,
Remember back in the Gap when she played a PASTORS daughter in 7th Heaven?

I didn't mean to give yall almost ALL the Stripping Scenes but this was the best quality video I could find.
And I mean I wasn't kidding when I said Jessica was workin'! I'm thinking you have to be in pretty good shape to strip/pole hump upside down. The other strip scene on the Cirque Du Soleil type shit was the Coolest.
P.S)The SoundTrack to this movies fucking Dope.

ANDDDD as I was looking for scenes and Interviews, I came across the Choreographer for Jessica Biel. It looks cheap but home girl knows what shes doing and I want to Learn! I wonder how many people will understand me when I say this shit is Tight.
..yeah, Tight.
She has more clips if you're interested like me and plan on practicing this later -just vimeo Karma Neff. I already got the Fishnets. Let's Go.

Powder Blue Choreography Session from Karma Neff on Vimeo.

Where do I sign up?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Powder Blue

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Alright so,
I originally saw the infamous Strip Scene/clip from this movie on another blog a few months back. Looking into the reviews, I was iffy but I wanted to get around to seeing it. 3 Months later: Tonight, I've found the time to scratch it off my To-See List.
Overall it was Good... It's not boring, but it takes a while to be pulled into.
This movies all about showing how 4 people's lives are intertwined and needing something in particular. Except they forgot to link the Black guy into the Loop. The other 3 main characters are connected through Rose, but they got RandomMan doing his own thing.problem.resolution. Just give this nigga his own Movie. There was a few more unaswered questions they should've explained anddd they could've made geek boy a little bit cuter. Oh well.
Basically, this movie looks up and aspires to be like Crash. It's sort of the same logic but less impacting and riveting. Although, I did end up crying. Twice. I cry easily. I give it a 7.63-8.20 out of 10 -depending on your angle.

&Blue Snow? #wheretheydothatat -_-

P.S.) Jessica Biel danced her ASS OFF in this film. Super Hot. Makes me consider Erotic Dancing as a profession. I promise promise promise that I'm going to learn how to dance like this before I die. Forealz.
Shoutouts to Justin Timberlake. I hope they're still dating. Fail on his behalf if they aren't.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

. . .

This Video is pointless. My bad.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Uh you knooOow you uh. . .Sweet little. . Heartbreaker"

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( Harper's Bazaar April 2010 (UK))

Though her Hype has piped down a little bit over the last few months, Megan Fox is portraying an image that does not fade Easily. She's one Hot Fuck, truthfully -and I don't care- Girl or Boy would have to agree. I mean I've read all into her biography on and such; I think one of the reasons I like her so much is that she doesssNOT Bite her tongue?
Prime Example: I found a Interview of her taken not too long after her First Transformers film.
Of course, you're going to take what you want from it, but she climbed up a few spots on the Cool Ladder with me.

"When Megan Fox was 19, she posed half-naked for a magazine photo shoot and boasted in the accompanying interview that she possessed “the libido of a 15-year-old boy.” (She also described a tattoo she’d gotten of her boyfriend’s name as being “next to my pie”—not exactly the kind of thing you say if you’re hoping to keep a low profile.) “Sex is something that everyone does, so why can’t I talk about it?” Sexual double standards make Fox angry, and when conversation turns to tabloid-flamed scandals surrounding other teen stars who’ve been photographed in various stages of nudity and seminudity, she goes off: “With any of the Miley Cyrus shit, or any of that Vanessa Hudgens shit—I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I took a naked, private picture that someone is an asshole and sold for money. I’m sorry if someone else is a dick. No. You shouldn’t have to apologize. Someone betrayed Vanessa, but no one’s angry at that person. She had to apologize. I hate Disney for making her do that. Fuck Disney.”

Can I get that on the record?

“Yeah. Fuck Disney.”

There goes your career.

“Yeah, that was probably a bad move—they own everything. But it’s not right. They take these little girls, and they put them through entertainment school and teach them to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts, but they won’t allow them to be their own people. It makes me sick.”

'There are, she says, all sorts of perils in becoming famous at 22 without having earned it. There’s the anxiety (“Before I go onstage anywhere, I take a Xanax now”), the endless gossipy attention (“The other day, I said I eat a lot of cake, and that was the top story on Yahoo!”), the comparisons to older actresses whose biographies even remotely resemble hers—in Fox’s case, Angelina Jolie (“I don’t even consider her human; she’s like a superhuman goddess”). More than anything else, Fox is worried that all the hype might cause everything to fizzle out before she’s given a chance to, you know, act. “I want people to know me through the movies I do,” she says. “I want to be judged on that. If you start becoming famous for your personal life, that’s when your career goes away.”
PS. She dated a Russian Stripper. Kinky.


Megan Fox by Greg Williams for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

(Megan in a HD promo video for Esquire's June Issue// available May 10th)

-Shoutouts to your Cool Beer Sip
-Shoutouts to your Camel Toe Action. Gross.
-Shoutouts to your looking at us after you started eating your chicken. That was dope; Hi-5 to director Greg Williams, nice touch.
-Shoutouts to you eating like a White Hick period. That was cool too.
-Shoutouts to your 24inch Waist Line: Eat More.


I’m all in the Making. I planned to give a proper introduction, opening up this Blog with my First post, but I hate Explaining myself. I’m Morgan Farruya and I’m weird and qwerky and cool as shit.

I also planned on briefly explaining why I would even come to start a Blog.. again. But, damnit I don’t feel like doing that either. You’ll catch the Drift for now and I’ll spice things up later. Holla.