Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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I'm tripping.
Tomorrow will be better
This movies good. It's not heart wrenching, but for some reason I keep going back to this relationship. Nothing crazy special. No superior love. Ordinary.
I just like them together. I just liked them together.

Watched Spread last night.

I don't know, I just can't stop thinking about this couple..

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well, i just hope that you miss me a little when i'm gone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Irony in what I've been seeing, lately

Coincidentally, all the movies I've been watching.. all love based.
All really good too. and different. All of them making me think. in general, I suppose.

I hate to be weak and all. but.

I found my box of feelings and I'm going through them.

This made me teary eye'd.


I ran a little bit harder tonight. I finished a good 2 and a half minutes earlier than usual.

I didn't think people actually did that when they have a lot on their mind.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

CD's called 'the first day of school'. Made it on the first day of school. I needed a new mix for this long ass drive back in forth.

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So basically, I'm going to this expensive ass community college.

Cutting out the bullshit: Housing's stacked, and I refuse to be on a waiting list for a shit dorm. Last minute apartments are marked up on price, and hell, I can't afford them anyways. I'm commuting from my House. We're talking about a 30 minute drive to school monday-thursday. sucks.
oh, well. I'll be making it until I find a bff or bf to stay with in the area.
I mean it's more so a bummer because I need my own environment. My little habitat is the best way to put it. I need that bad. Put's me in a whole 'nother state of mind.
No roommates neither. I like to feel like I belong and comfortable walking around naked with just my chicago bulls beanie on. And the only way that can be assured is if I'm by myself.

But Spring '11 will come around. I'm set to move out then.
Meanwhile I'll be saving all that money that would've went to housing/apartments for a MAC. hopefully.

And the foods free here. so that's cool.

. . .

Paper Hearts = * * * * * * <--- as in 6 out of 5 stars..

This movie is incredible on so many different levels. I don't even want to begin to describe everything I thought about this film.

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Just about all the love stories/scenarios from the different couples emotionally stimulated me. It's all aspiring.

I've just seen way too many good films for my own nature, lately. Now I've got to revise and edit my favorite's list. Paper Hearts definitely makes the cut. If you like 500 Days of Summer, you'll love this.

I tried to find this entire Scene, holy crap. But this is all I could get. Mannnn

Yo, is little dude in the blue Single?
"Have you guys ever had your heart broken?"

"I didn't have.. I didn't have my heart broken, so much.
Um..You know.. I had an 'X' in the box."
teary eye'd
It wasn't like he broke my heart, or did anything to me."


"You know, he died on me. Bastard.
And it's like.. you could've just said, "I don't like you anymore", and just left.

But no, he had to die."

"...Was that cause you had your heart broken?"

"No, haha, I've only ever had one boyfriend.
I thought I really liked him. I thought he was all dark and serious and he had shadows in his eyes. . .

But then I realized that was only because he was on drugs."

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Luv youuuu

I really want to see Welcome to the Riley's, btw. I heard you were stripping.

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Cute as a button

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He looks like the baddest motherfucker in fourth grade

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This was always jammin' to me. .

The video's pretty funny and totally irrelevant btw

Mishka Fall Collection.

I love love Mishka.

I will have that beanie.
Also, I just find a new way to cut my shirts.

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Jesus, these boysz are looking like candy.

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I tried my best to convince the Mishka guys at Magic to give me-or at least let me buy the sample 'Keep Watch' backpack(teal). It's to die for.. I'm not even a fan of backpacks, and again, I haven't even worn one since like 5th grade after those drawstring joints came in style.. but this one.. this one's different (*squints eyes.

They told me I had to wait till the Spring '11 Release like everyone else -_-

. . .

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close up
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Friday, August 27, 2010

I've got a confession

As much as I like to pretend not to give a fuck about peoples views on me and my alleged lesbian lifestyle, I do. a little bit.
I refrain myself from posting shit like this and ect. But god damnit this is Dope.
Judging whether you can see the dope'ness in this picture, or really the fact that -god forbid- naked women and/or a woman's sex appeal is cooler than the average guy's... really says something about how up on game you are and if you're the proper arbiter for both the high fashion and street wear culture.

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I was actually trying to prove to Korinne the other night that Russian girls are beautiful, and I immediately referred back to Olga Kurylenko. Found this picture online.

What I particularly like so much is her facial expression is so still and content? She's naked and bent into a sort of exotic pose and this looks like a Wednesday night for her. like what. ...this is awesome.

Florence and the Machine

They on and off sweep me, and right now-between these three songs, they are taking my heart by storm. I can't even relate, but hey I always said 'Music fuels the Heart'.
I will give somebody the best goddamn concert EVER if any of these come on.
E s p e c i a l l y "Heavy in your Arms".
Florence Welch is one badd motherfucker.

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oneeeeee badddd motherfucker.

A bit late on seeing Inglourious Basterds

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What have I been missing out on? SoO good. And it's not like it's one of the top movies ever, but it exceeded all my requirements. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect example of my kinda film ^_^


So I'm choosing my first song to jog to. I go with Edward Sharpe/40 Day Dream. I start walking into my run. because I don't just break into running.. I accelerate.. and while walking, I check the track to see who else is there. Just some old guy across the field in white shorts. . .

I'm rounding the corner of my second lap and I see this white girl trodding along about 30-40 feet behind me. I'm thinking where the fuck did she come from cause I didn't see anybody enter the field/track and she's awfully close behind me. Perhaps I just glanced when I looked to see who else was there. She's been running; that must have been it. As soon as that thought closes, she suction cups me. zooms right by. Taking a better look. This isn't a girl at all, it's some fucking 'woman' like in her 30's or something-all in shape and shit. pfft. The distance between us is stretching out, totally because of her torque speed.

I keep going my little moderate speed.. she's making me look like the little engine that could. I'm approaching my last lap and I'll be damned if some fucking milf with a personal trainer laps me twice! That's pathetic. I pick up the pace.. plus it's the last lap, I'd do that anyways. I measure the distance between us; she's gaining on me. Coming up on that last 100 meters to sprint, I use that opportunity on the curve to look around and see where triathlon lady's at.
I kid you fucking not, she's gone. Poof. Just as she appeared. She vanished.

Trippy shit. And I just got done watching Shutter Island, too.

I just don't know what's real anymore (*folds arms.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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I can't really mess with these vibrant colors. Maybe the orange.

Makes my heart smile

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check out that shirt

Well what the fuck do you need this for.

ha, this is exceptionally ridiculous. seriously

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God Dammnit, America, would it kill you to just live? yes.

Today was the first day of School.

Usually my outfits go weeks into preparation. ...I used to do this thing in high school... anything I bought towards the last month of school and that summer, I would not wear until the following school year. Saved that shit.. As far as Sneakers, I think the best I did was 23 pairs going into my junior year, stocked and ready. I took pictures licking the bottom of all of them for proof of not wearing them and that shit was super whack and gross. I really put deep consideration into what I'd be wearing to appeal to everyone's interest. You guys got no idea. ..And the worst part is, I was really passionate about doing it.

I used to do this other thing... it was rule, more so. Edward and I both.
Our Rule was to wear every shoe at least once before wearing the same pair twice.
Motherfuckers be two months deep not repeating a shoe. smh. The good ol'days.

Funny thing about this morning- I got dressed within like 20 minutes before leaving, is why I'm saying all this. Just went with something. And that would be the first time I can recall since 5th Grade that I couldn't have cared less about my first impression or appearance.

My English teacher mentioned something about this today.. How we're all branded, calling out random people and the label on their clothes. I looked at myself and wouldn't you know I didn't have not one thing branded on. Not except my new era cap and Hundreds bag I carry my work in. T-Shirt - Walmart. Belt -Walmart. Shoes -Urban Outfitters(doesn't count). Jeans - Clearance 579... yeah.

And even crazier. All my rinky-dink clothes and people eat that shit like all the time. tons of complements. Who woulda thunk it.

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Looks like I got no hair. A dude in other words, pfft -_-
They said money doesn't make the world go 'round
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and I have always felt differently.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magic // Vegas

The pictures from the trip, there's just too many I tell ya. Too many to even put in a scroll box or whatever.
So I have an even better idea. I'm going to categorize the pictures by events, ect. . . Give you guys a little more about the trip and what we were doing. I'll do this in segments and I'll start tomorrow or something. . . .yeap.

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If you can't wait and want to check out all the fun and awesomeness we had now, check out UnkommonKolor.blogspot.com

Tonight marks the end of my summer

I've got class tomorrow. gay. but exciting ^_^
A few summer pics I haven't posted... They all share the same species. Whatever that says about my life.

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Summer Walksz
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Sneaking pictures of my boy. He's not familiar with webcams.
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Family RoadTripsz
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Lazy dog day afternoons.. . I like to call this picture "Carpet Kill".. like road kill? .
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Chain text messages about Rainbows, haha.. apparently this was a big deal to everybody, not just us.
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And not playing with our toys, because the grass is way more interesting

The good ol'days of summer 2010. You come and you go so easily.
Like other things I know.
Anywho, I'm ready for Fall.
Layers, Layers, Layers!

Cryptic Codes

. . .
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The fuck is going on here

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

repeat repeat repeat

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Are You in college? And if so...what's your major?

My major is Business Management and my minor is in General Business. Pretty Basic. To be honest, I haven't pen pointed what exactly I want to do with my life yet, and I didn't want to get too comfortable in Undecided. I'm beginning to lean towards Fashion Merchandising more and more.

I'm actually sitting down with my adviser tomorrow, so hopefully they'll be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

Ask me anything

What school are you going to next yr?

University of North Texas. I wasn't sure if I was until like 2 weeks ago -why I'm answering this so late.

Ask me anything

you live in texas?

Si. Born and Raised in Dallas, Tejas.

"tripple D tripple D.. "

Ask me anything

This is Braden.

With his cape half on. This just like an average tuesday afternoon, btw.

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Never mind his shoes.

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Wait, this is a Go-Kart?

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This is actually Braden's superhero, or in his case supervillian car.

..Like the Batmobile.