Friday, December 31, 2010


I'll tell you what I don't want to do. I don't want to go out. I wouldve been fine with some party brownies and somebody's couch. I'm just in that mood. . . especially when a lot of my party people friends are living it up in Los Angeles, right now.

But I just bought a little black dress, last second. I'm going to go to some hotel parties with khelsea. I'm bout to shower and that other shit... I'll slightly get doll'd up tonight, cause it would be great if I could get chose or at least a new years kiss. That won't happen. Anyways.

Happy New Years.Eve


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sure wish I was in Houston, right now

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thought it looked cool
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yay me

Cool Grey XI's

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click here to see a madd sprint/stampede over these 11's that my friend recorded that morning

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I used to wear Light Blue faithfully. I was justt running out when my mom bought me a big ol'thang --3.4oz for christmas. But I'm thinking change is good. Too many people wear Light Blue, and I prefer to have a more distinctive smell. So I'm trying something new!
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I'm sure no one will notice.. smellyalata


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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The Majority vs. My Sexual Orientation

This is the blog commentary from the post I did between me and Saundra and the clip from the movie After Sex.
If you would like to revisit the post to get a better feel of the following, click here

One of my followers generously dropped some opinionated thoughts last week about the projected image I give off and my apparent sexual orientation. She or He did it respectfully and very thought out. This is unedited and pulled right from the comments, word for word. typos and all. I'm sharing this amongst you all because I'm sure the majority of you think the same thing. Go:

Numbum said...
Your friend messes with girls and she's gay. You mess with girls but you're "hetero?" She needs to turn you out already. I think you're confused, much like the character opposite Zoe Saldana.
December 22, 2010 7:17 AM

Morgan Farruya said...
And that's where you're wrong. 
I appreciate you taking out the time to try and configure this, but I don't mess with girls. I don't mess with Saundra. Hints the 'besides fooling around part' But thank you Dr. Phil.
December 22, 2010 8:59 AM

Numbum said...
Ok you're most welcome Miss "but I much prefer cock." No offense was intended. You're a cutie. Any guy...or any Saundra would be lucky to have you. But can you blame Anonymous, me, or any of your other readers for being a little confused? You frequently insinuate that you play both sides of the field but claim only one. AND you're sending all the right (or wrong) signals: tomboy looks, basketball, gay friends. Just curious. Or maybe we were hoping you'd finally admit it, like Zoe's character? And yes, I know you don't have to be gay to wear tomboy like clothing, play basketball, or have gay friends. Generally speaking here. But ok, NOW I know. Oh yea, and it's "hence" not "hints." I think while I'm on a roll, I should mention that you have a very enticing's awesome. Don't misunderstand the reason I write this. I will continue to revisit. I'm done now.
December 23, 2010 12:22 AM

Morgan Farruya said...
I like you Numbum. Forealz, we could hang. And I appreciate you being as respectful as you are. Respectfully charging me up. 
Look, you’re trying to unravel this big mystery to make me “Admit” something. This is me telling you wtf it is. 

I understand the image I give. I look like the poster child for closet-case lesbians. I hold a huge sign saying "Hello Ladies" right? whatever. BEFORE anyone else, I said numerous times that I don't blame anyone for questioning my sexuality, because if I didn't know me? I would think I was gay too. I get it. but if you think I'm going to change my persona, my hobbies, my gay friends.. all this as “generally speaking"--because people might think, even more so than they already do (god forbid), that I mysteriously carry on a homosexual lifestyle? wrong again. 

if I partake in a little jokey joke here and there with some lesbian pun intended or anything in relevance. big deal; stop over analyzing it. It's because I'm not so damn confined in my sexuality. The fact of the matter is I identify my lifestyle as heterosexual, but the facter of the matterer is it's nobodies business either way. I'm going to fuck who I want, who I please because it’s my decision. If I want to engage in goddamn beastiology than damnit, hide your dog. (Gross. I would never.)

You argue both sides well. but I need you to realize however much I spill about myself onto my blog. DoNOT think you fucking know me. fin. People who call me their best friends don't know me. My mom doesn't fucking know me. You have an idea, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. you may have a strong grasp, but you or anyone else does not fucking know me and it's important that you remember that. thanks.
December 23, 2010 9:42 PM

Numbum said...
Feliz Navidad! I love responses, it's just like opening a gift on Christmas morning and boy, what a response. Lol @ respectfully charging you up. I call it like I (keyword, I) see it, that's all. Maybe I am over analyzing it. I am known for being over analytical; but I think it's safe to say, not to mention painfully OBVIOUS, that from reading a couple blog posts that yes, I DON'T know you. I was just compelled to respond for my own reasons. I hope that's not what you get from your readers who respond: a response = some sort of inference that we know you. Like I said, no offense was intended. I could easily go back and forth with you, not that I wouldn't're witty enough, but truth is it won't make any difference. You'll still claim what you claim. I'll still think what I think and time that we'll never be able to retrieve, will be lost forever. PUNTO. Keep up the good blog. I've got a feeling we'll cross paths again on here.
December 25, 2010 6:38 PM

Morgan Farruya said...
witty enough. . . I like to think that I can defend myself.
I can fuck with you numbum. and you're fun to pointlessly argue, but I'm not looking forward to the next lol. But you're still pretty cool in my book (mentality wise). You probably think this is a pass of me trying to get at you, right?

Merry Christmas

and remind me to never underestimate you again. calling me a bitch in Spanish

So whoever the fuck Numbum is, I can fuck with you and we'd probably get along great. Don't correct a pimp though; important. and beef up, don't give me no fluke name. Anywho.
This debatable argument we just had actually isn't debatable at all. This is entirely on me. fin.. you can't tell me how much I like oranges? It's one of those things, what I say goes. However, people are going to think what they want and I understand this. Always, once someone has made up their mind about me, I don't care to change it. So if you feel some reassuring satisfaction thinking I'm a lesbian. Okay.
I'll tell you what I AM though. Morgan Farruya.
regardless, take that.

If you would like to see all of the comments before and after this, than again the link is

We're a little bit past Christmas, I know.
Come the 26th of December, you must tear down everything christmas related.
But 1) this picture was too cute. and 2) I didn't tell y'all what I got. . .

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I gottt...

The only thing I asked for --> A Rented Cello and Cello lessons. I used to play back in the gap and I miss that shit.

A beach cruiser bike


Victoria Secret. <--- My mom got me some weakass underwear so I've since then went back to exchange it for some sexy shit. ha, not for any particular reason of course -_-

I also got some pajama pants, loose cash, and a nice jacket.




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And they're OFF

Sore Losers and friends. a lot of friends. There's like 19 of them going, I think...

have packed up their stuff and are currently in route on a 23 hour road trip to Californ I A ...

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My little darlings have a show out in Los Angeles; I'd say their biggest yet. Itll be New Years Eve and they're opening for RYAN LESLIE. upgrade! upgrade from bologna. I parted with them just briefly and I wish everyone a safe and least boring as possible journey.

Let's all give a warm fuck you to Anthony

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Who's currently living it up in San Diego
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Shoutouts to the fancy view from the Hotel Room. must be nice.


Been meaning to post this for awhile

what's terrible is the talent shared between both of these tiny asian/filipino men are the same .. At least Pacquiao knew he was out of line and did it as a joke. These other niggas are the most serious for having TV Johnny featured of their track with his broken ass english and uncoordinated gyration moves.

WATCH 1:43 ...his verse is second ... and it is terrible.

So are we clear with the difference between Hip Hop and RAP.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Night of the Notables?

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Either 5th or 6th grade

Eric Griffin on the left. I was madly in Love with him. Love.

and we did not date. But boy, my hard on was huge.
Mostly cause he looked like Lil'Bow Wow

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"I hope my bike takes you straight to Hell"

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By Show of hands

Tell me if you think that my friend Chelsea's finger is broken or not:

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Verizon check ass finger; shit isn't supposed to bend that way

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I just found out Scarlett Johansson had her septum pierced

and she rocked that shit too.

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I don't know why this excites me

and side note: Her and Reynolds divorced officially. (I said 'Reynolds') I would've gave them the third prettiest married couple in Hollywood. under the Jolie-Pitt and the Smiths. Hate to see pretty people part.


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How Ridiculous

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oh, TWO pairs? don't hurt em.
I wish everyone in the world could say aloud, "REALLY?" at the same time.

I hate to state the obvious, but by case if you aren't familiar

the brand TOMS gives a pair of shoes away to a child in need with every pair you buy.

Nothing wrong with more companies reaching out to charities, but a definite problem if you're going to scam off the original company doing it

Louisiana for Christmas

or for any other Holiday, for that matter. left right after work Christmas Eve and headed down to Shreveport first. My family on my Dad's side is there. We planned to originally pass through, but we went ahead and stayed the night and spent christmas with my Nini and my pops... which was the first time I did that since I was like 6. And on top of that, BOTH my parents were collected under the same house sharing christmas morning with each other. Crazy. ...My Dad made breakfast bla blahh. we got back on the road and headed to Alexandria where the rest of my family on me Mom's side is. left to come back this morning and went straight to work when I got home. threw that info in for no reason.

This Christmas with my family was good and I shared a lot more laughs than usual--no family beefs or nothing except for my grumpy ass uncle..
but this christmas was too damn mature for me.
My immediate family (mom and sister) decided to open our gifts christmas eve. I didn't really open anything on actual christmas day but what's even worse is that, I didn't sit next to any christmas tree and even WATCH somebody open their gifts, you know? There were good vibes about, but we barely said "Merry Christmas" to another type shit. it wasn't the same. Real Blunt almost, but it's all good.

Maybe the only pictures taken the entire christmas trip.

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Me driving on the way there with oscar in my lap. . .
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and Lauren snap shotting me sleeping on my grandma's plastic couch again. . . with my pup, Lucky.
She put it on Twitter.. Blue and I RT'd it but I didn't know it'd get 249 views lol.. how embarrassing. bad shit bro

been on repeat repeat repeat

the video too. This video gave me a sudden case of Love Jones. I had my whole family listen to this song/video more than once.

This white boy in it with this homeless man beard isn't that cute, but I would k i l l for someone with his style. Close enough. and Cee Lo is amazing for re-doing this btw

I did anything to make you smile
You are the ever-living ghost of what once was


Saturday, December 25, 2010


Been out of town. don't have Internet. Look for posts tomorrow night

thanks for your patients.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Edward's Christmas Presents

Toys for Tots x UNKO x Shogun Footage

Are friendly rivals from Loyal Kng ultimately did us 1 for this exceptionally awesome video they put together. It's really good. If you're not familiar with UNKO too much, this should really help.

We (UNKO) makes videos all the time but this is particularly one of my favorites, for sure

check out what Loyal Kng's about here

I need all my followers to do this

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I will proceed in blogging this throughout future posts to come.



I threaten niggas with these all the time. I need to color my shit in though

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Is he really big or is she really small?

I was going through a facebook Halloween album from a party that a lot of my friends went to and this had me stumped. like this is crazy to me.

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If this is because of any genetic defects, I will immediately take this down.

Supreme x The North Face

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I got some new hats in the mail this week

only giving you guys a peek
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bad pictures of me; whatever.

Camel toe?

But for a guy. What's 'cameltoe' for a guy?

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cheap hoe

lol. I just don't know what to think of myself anymore. what had happened was:

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I'm taking a tinkle. Obviously. and a few seconds into releasing fluids, I look at my fucking thigh and there's a goddamn nickel stuck on it. a nickel? I don't know how long it was there, or how it could've got there, but it was
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it was really stamped onto my skin ha; even left a slight mark when I removed it.

and the worst part is---this is the SECOND time I've had a 'lose change' incident --the other one's way worse that I'm too embarrassed to share.

the fuck kind of life do I live where I find coins imprinted on my skin beneath my jeans.

how he starts over with 'hey'

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lmfao, that's how you feel?

So you're really just gonna say fuck it, huh?

man, this niggas all the way trippin'. I can't believe how much this niggas trippin.



Where's Eddie Clark at, huh?

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mouse trap
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So cute, I'd have a hard time eating these.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Followers,

A bitch is the most sickly. Talk about bad karma... I called into work Sunday complaining I wasn't feeling well, mucassy.. snotty nose, headache, the whole run. That very next day, I've fallen victim to like Swine Flu or something. It is progressively getting worse with a little touch of sore throat and dizziness. . . fever. I've been in my death bed since 5 oclock making the most of miserable sleep. I want to give you a detailed run through of everything I'm feeling but fast-forwarding to the point. I may die tonight. I fear the end is near.
So if I don't post much neither tonight or tomorrow, well shit. You know the explanation.



I seen't it

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your Winter 2010 Lunar Eclipse. Won't happen again til '94. We just witnessed History.

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photos: Biggers

Monday, December 20, 2010


I just figured out, RIGHT NOW
that I give a fuck

currently sitting on my roof, right now

If I could look like someone else, I pick her

If she looks familiar, she's famous. . .
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never introduce me to this man, or you will never see him again.


Coolest sisters ever

Two of the most fashion iconic hollywood starlets. These sisters are the coolest. Funny how their last movie---fucking "New York Minute" I think, was soO terrible and they are still and will forever be --whatever list that's above A.

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I bet combined, they weigh about 160 pounds