Thursday, December 20, 2012

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The blog has been DEAD!

Slowest post ever, right? I know. Aside from finishing this past-very strenuous-semester of school, I've been blogging alright, but somewhere else. Need I remind will completely stop updating bringing in the new year. I was graciously selected to start a new site with 6 others.. a bigger MUCH BETTER blog. The Brave Natives. Only 1 more day until this site is open for the public and we've all been finishing up some content to jump it off. I know you guys will like it. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to step up in the blogosphere because you guys--much like my high school teachers--have allowed me to slack too much. I'm going to really try and step it up with the quality posts. I know I will and I don't know why it works like that, but I hope I don't lose any of my followers with the move. I want y'all to follow me cult style. Besides, if I've kept your interest this long, I can't wait to introduce to my Brave Native fam who are equally, if not ++ cooler than I am. The future is now people, and by future I mean