Friday, April 30, 2010

hey, is this a sequence? and was that Lauren London?

Love this last one
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twinkle Toes

I love this pic.
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Meet Regular ass Anthony. Or so I thought. I knew @FlynessEffect was cool. I mean cool, ya know. He's a Blues Brother. Kappa, if that matters.
..I knew he played College Football. but I was thinking on a MUCH smaller Scale.Throwin passes back and forth. neat.
I chuckled when I first saw this little tippy toe stance he has, right here. Cute. And then my Mouth DROPPED when I saw the 1,000,000 fans behind him. Little did I know he's 'kinda like a big deal'. I mean just imagine playing in front of that. Serious shit, huh. He probably has posters.

...Go Nebraska!
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I've tried telling this story so many times in failed attempts of videos like the one I just posted -but right after I posted that video saying no thank you, Lesbians -Ironically, I got majorly hit on today. Man she caught me off guard and shit. I'm being friendly ol' me. Little did I know. .."So do you like Girls?" ..Gave me her Number.. smh. ..It's a long funny story that I unfortunately won't be sharing anymore.
&NO, I will not be texting her. Deleted that shit.

I went to this George Foreman lecture thing for extra credit tonight. The only thing I want to share from this. And I was laughing so hard when I heard -He has 5 boys and 5 girls.. and he named all the boys George. (George I, George II, ect) ..and then this nigga named the girls like Joretta, Georgetta haha.. some shit.
Hey 1 of his sons goes to my School!

I left my phone running off to class and luckily my friend picked it up for me.
thank god. or whoever.
...but it took foreverrrrr to get it back. I was connectionless for like 5 hours.

People really liked my outfit today. It wasn't anything outstanding, I don't think. But I got a lot of complements. This one guy.. guess he thought I was ear shot.. was like "omg she is so fresh". Of course, I acted like I didn't hear em. But I though it was funny that he said "omg" ha.. that's cool.

I can't stop playing Rachael Yamagata's "The other Side" and "I'm a recovering undercover overloverrrrr"... but only the first part.

MANNN, I have some really good post I wanna make,
but I just haven't the time to actually pull pics and info. But I will.

Chest Shot

Another Boob Shot
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UK Gang ain't nothin to fuck with.

silly hoe

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I wonder if she was aware that she got a trendy- garage made- one hit wonder -not even appreciated by people with good ears for music -song title on her fucking chest.
-Fucking Black People.

Tamara Draut "The Growing College Gap"

'Tuition has more than doubled since 1980 in inflation-adjusted dollars, rising much faster than the average family's income. In the 2003 school year alone, the price rose as much as 24 percent at some state schools. While the Federal Government is spending more than ever before on student aid, over $70 billion to be exact, funding has not kept place with enrollments on tuition prices. That means that aid is spread more thinly across a greater number of Students. When student aid is focused on merit rather than need, it tends to go to Students from families who can already afford college tuition.'

I contest

English paper talk and more

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jordan comes back today!

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Gosh, I can't even fathom the fact of moving out of state by myself. My nigga Jordan moved out the Country. -_- To Mexico, to be exact. ..and not to mention how Dangerous Mexico is right now. I mean she had a few connections there, but she fled her warm house, family, and school and tried life from another standpoint. I find it courageous. She's been gone since January and today she's making her way back.
*Opens Arms*

Regina Spektor

No one laughs at God in a hospital
No one laughs at God in a war
No one’s laughing at God
When they’ve lost all they’ve got
And they don’t know what for

No one laughs at God on the day they realize
That the last sight they’ll ever see is a pair of hateful eyes
No one’s laughing at God when they’re saying their goodbyes
But God can be funny
At a cocktail party when listening to a good God-themed joke, or
Or when the crazies say He hates us
And they get so red in the head you think they’re ‘bout to choke
God can be funny,
When told he’ll give you money if you just pray the right way
And when presented like a genie who does magic like Houdini
Or grants wishes like Jiminy Cricket and Santa Claus
God can be so hilarious

No ones laughing at God
We're all laughing with God

A releaxed day at school

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(dpratts, Jontae, Denzel / 4-27)
I don't know how we find ourselves for hours on out, talking about any and everything right in front of the Student Center. But we do.

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I’m a recovering undercover over-lover
recovering from a love I can’t get over

Meet Nicholas
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I just wanted to show off Nic's hair. I love 5oclock shadows! This is like a 2:30pm shadow though. And he's doing this little, "Still keep my line up, but growing out my hair kinda" cut going on. ...Idk, I was staring at the back of his head and thought it was super cute. enough to take a picture.. It may look better in Person. ..More guys should do this.

Morgan Humor

I don't know about you, but I found this quite hilarious. I drove by. Scrunched my face together in confusion. Laughed. Put the Car in reverse.. and snapped this Nigga up.
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Never have I ever seen a "duck" sit so on the top of a fence like this. None of the other birds were doing this? lol.

I really feel like if Ducks went to school, he would be too cool for it.
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SXSW lunch

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start
The tragedy starts from the very first spark
Losing your mind for the sake of your heart

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start

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How many times does a person usually play with fire and get burned.. before they learn their lesson? Especially on those bitterly it's a cold world nights. When you crowd around that fire's warmth- it's exactly what you need. You begin to fuel yourself into it to keep it going. And you get so fucking comfortable feeling the heat and cupping your hands around this illuminating, flickering light -that you GodDamn Burn yourself.

Well It took me about 20; I've got 3rd Degree burns all over. Shit gets embarrassing.
It took me a while but I finally realized what I should do. smh.
I've made myself this nice quilted blanket of Memories to keep me warm and I'd much rather use that than depend on some other source of energy. Fuck that.

My fellow readers, I dare you to quiz yourself:
Take any given person/anybody involved in your life.. and determine whether they've done more GOOD or BAD in it.
Balancing out is cool.but what if it tips over.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This is tough. It's not often that I get Bad News. Like actual bad news of someone falling ill/Death. But today, I did. My Sister called me right before I went into work to say that a Close Family friend of ours had Passed today. She was My Moms Best Friend. My Mom was hysterical. It made me think, but I didn't grasp the most out of it until I called my Mom to check on her after I got off.. Just now, actually. It started off as just a phone call; I've never physically lost anyone I was really close to, but I was trying to cope and understand. Then she expressed to me How much she's been apart of our Lives. all that she's done. For example, She lives in Los Angeles and has always made it a point to see me and my sister Graduate. We have pictures of her framed in our House. There's a thin wall between Family and Friends. My mom mentioned that it hurts more than when her sister died. I understand why. I've always held my friends higher than family. What's blood when it's your friends that really know you In&Out/that you talk and go to. She also made the statement, "I never thought I'd see my Best Friend die before my Mother." This now has me sobbing silently in my car and trying to disguise my voice so she doesn't hear me. I feel terrible for my Mother. I feel terrible for everyone morning Debbie's death.

I've already posted this once, but I feel I should post it again:

"Pythagoras asks that we not let a friend go lightly, for whatever reason. Instead, we should stay with a friend as long as we can, until we're compelled to abandon him completely against our will. It's a serious thing to toss away money, but to cast aside a person is even more serious. Nothing in human life is more rarely found, nothing more dearly possessed. No loss is more chilling or more dangerous than that of a friend."

-Ex-Best friend sent me that.Once upon a Time

So now I'm back and forth on calling or texting my ex-Best friend. I grab my phone. I put it down. I grab my Phone. I put it down. Explaining how I wish things were different between us. But they aren't. They won't be. I hate this. I feel it in the pit of my stomach to call her. To let her know what she already does. I probably wouldn't have to explain anything. But I'm not going to. -Cause in the long run, it won't change anything. And I don't have a Best Friend.

Ungrateful Niggas

I was selling shoes. Saundra bought some Shoes. Because she's my friend. I went ahead and sent her a lil Care package.. lil survival kit, as well. Her Response:

She didn't even care about the Shoes. The main Package! And I really did forget the CD.
I literally looked around my room and put whatever I felt necessary in the Box. Sending things is fun. I tried to be nice. Ungrateful ass.

yo, BTW. That's her hair. shit is glorious. unfair.
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For the Life of Me.. I always forget his name. But creative ass tattoo.
These are Blots from a Skateboard, btw

Little Riot

By means of his Dad being Steez-o-Riot, formally.
This is Christopher Johnson's Son, Christian, and isn't he the cutestttt!
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I love this picture! The expression. The Beanie.
The Caption on this was, Who Changed the Channel?
ahhh, ♥

Sunday, April 25, 2010

You better Fucking Watch It

It's intense.It goes there. And this is just 1 6miniute scene from the Movie.

Fucking Riveting. And watching this movie will probably change your aspect on Life, just a little bit. So if you haven't seen it. Take a wild fucking guess of what you need to do.


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I saw it again. for like the 15th time. If you haven't seen this movie, than wtf. X out of this Blog. Know your shit man. This is one my top "Life Altering" Movies.


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Quite Frankly, I'd rather just sit it out. Thug Life.

...Mom doesn't know yet O_o



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What's wrong with me. I should've posted this 2 days ago. Happy belated Birtday to Vashtie. Unfortunately, I can't be too happy for her cause she's only pushing more and more years between us. I PROMISE: I will trade in any celebrity I post/posted.. trade in that handsome young man you might see me on Campus with.. Trade it ALL for KINGVASHTIE. gahd. and I would never look back. &On the Low. She's like Everything I want to be.
If you don't know who she is. I 100% won't tell you. but I'm going to do another Post on her. because I love her.

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Could you be more seemingly Perfect? Just Stare.

Hip Hop was my first Love

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What's a Girl gotta do


It's 9:56 and the movie I was supposed to see tonight starts in 9 minutes. I went to work 5 hours earlier so I could get off for the evening and go see Losers tonight with my Boo. I did. I chilled when I got off, jogged(It was a really good run too), Turned the Curling Irons on, Showered, Put on the underwear he picked out... ...#POW haha.. and immediately lost energy. Extreme decline in Motivation and found myself to be throwing on my oversized Dime Piece Dirty Looks Dress (PERFECT to sleep in)and texting him to reschedule. Damn.

Anyways. So I have a few things to share. Well a little more than that, but I'll get to the rest later.
A) I 100% don't believe the Blog Views I have. that counts off. I didn't get 6 views between last Friday and Today. I get too much BlogLuv to believe that nonsense.

b) I lost my sisters shorts. She also checks my Blog so I guess this is my way of telling her.

c) I've been justifying the HELL outta Lesbian Sex, lately. Mind you the most I've done with a girl is kiss her forehead or hand. But I always go to Bat when people say Lesbians don't Fuck. It makes me loook suUuper suspect. I understand this.

D)I've thought about what Blue said the other day. And I'm going to go ahead and bite my tongue 'for the most part' about how explicit I am on this Blog. Like I'll spill beans, but I have to be considerate of my readers cause I'll fuck around and be calling your ass out.
-I will say: One of y'all.. I mean honestly, I don't really check yalls blogs lol.My bad. But once a month I do.. and One of y'alls fucking Blog style got reALLy MorganFarruya'ee. And I understand that how it turns out//we may share similar interests. Fuck it. But then what bothered me a little is when I read a segment like the one you're reading now and the Style of writing was just like mine! super like mine. Fuck it. If I influence you. That's cool. Really.

E) I'm out of Clean Towels. -_-

F) I think this Blog is getting a lot bigger than I thought. Cool.


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summers coming
(Circa 2007)

I watched every "making the video" show for these and I Love the series... I don't think they got that much publicity.
First videos kinda bad quality but regardless I love them all. Beastin'
. . . and I think that may be Joy Bryant again? hmm.

BTW these videos our sequence and it doesn't show, but of Course Usher get's the girl in the End.. and that IS Joy Bryant and the girl is BADD. New Celebrity Crush.

Your Outside Lookin in.. So tell me What you See?

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I get this all the time.

some of the crew

"I hope this shit gets really big and we remain a Close Family"

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I look super boobless

Don't jump to conclusions

I promise I'm not trying to clown this Guy. I really tried explaining that to him when I took the picture.
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I wonder how many people agree with me. This shit is tight to me..I tried explaining this to my Guy Friends and they Laughed in my face. Totally disagreed. I think some Jordans.. the earlier retros or -especially the OG's- should show wear in the shoe. They deserved to be hoe'd down a bit.. I can't explain it how I really want to. Oh well. Even though this probably wasn't the guy who's wearing these intentions. And yeah A Brand New pair would be even better and worth more, but I'm just saying this shit is Tight. I like it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Gay Niggas

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Where do I begin. I'm sitting right now with these gayniggas.. They were temporarily watching "Get Rich Or Die Trying" when I made the statement that Joy Bryant was too pretty for 50 cent. Gave that nigga too much Credit. They had the nerve too Object! What! They said that she was reallllll average. That she looked like she sings in the Choir at Church.. that she's somebody's little sister, or that she went to "Ranchview High School". You've got to be kidding. She's Stunning. They said they've spoke to better looking girls than this. NEGRO PLEASE.

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Bitch better work


soft ass lips.

It deserved it's own post.

Friday, April 23, 2010

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Part of my Advertisement Essay/Response/whatever

"Collecting all my thoughts into one overall, I came to the conclusion that if I take or ideally grab hold of this alcoholic drink, I will become powerful, withstanding, and threatening with those harmful points on my roots. I would also like to think that the stab wounded cherry lifted up in triumph in this picture is an example of a young woman’s ‘cherry’ being popped, and I too would be able to take the youthful virginities of all the variations or ethnicities of cherries I would attract. This picture was more than likely put together with the aim of reaching men 21 to 41, preferably younger, who tend to have a fetish for younger ladies."

talking about what particular advertisement truly reveals and why. Haha, yeah.. I should be really out of place for writing this, but I promise I'm following the criteria. My teachers just real//cool as shit.


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Jasmines not retarded though


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The coolest thing about this Picture.. that makes it 15 times better,
is that this isn't Google Images. This is My sister and Korinne. AND it's on a Beach in Spain. POW.

August 2008

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ha, I had that though

"Fall Down on the World before it Falls on You"

And when the body finally starts to let go
Let it all go at once
Not piece by piece.
But like a whole bucket of stars
dumped into the universe.


Cool thing happened today. So long story short. I'm standing around with some peeps on Campus after our Movie was over. They were throwing some weak ass Yard Party and blaBLAh ...HOWEVER. I noticed this girl had on a Hellz Bellz Tee.. another a Stussy. And I was like Cool, no doubt. Didn't know other people were on some of these things. That's cool.

But then I looked down at myself.. looked at what I was wearing. My UNKO punch out shirt.. and I'm like, Nigga this is My Shit! well I didn't say this aloud at all.. and it's definitely not just my shit haha.. But I'm wearing a Company that I'm actually apart of. First time I realized that.

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so POW. It's a pretty cool feeling.

Waitin' for the Bus

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Shoutouts to my Bandaid. I used to be really insecure about my Feet. Until I looked around at other girls feet. And now I'm not that insecure.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Talking about Art, not Sex (The L Word)

"My Head thrown Back: I let my gaze dwell at the Ceiling. I underwent the most profound experience of Ecstasy I have ever encountered. I had obtained that supreme sense of Stability; the Divine Intimations of Art had merged into passion, sensuality of Emotion."

Reached for my Headphones, today

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I don't even know. . . #Fail


My nigga Kim when she wants to -does work on our Asses.
I love this fit. This is very Brooks Brothers Catalog'ish.

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It's so Simple. Respectable. Comfortable. If I had more shorts and Cotton Button Ups.. Hell yeah

Mila is Love

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12:03am (Movie Book of Eli)

I really don't feel like talking about this one anymore. Basically, I heard it was PHENOMENAL. I thought it was exceptionally good, yeah, but not phenomenal. I didn't even realize my ladies were in the film though! Jennifer Beals and Mila Kunis! ahh.. okay, if you haven't noticed-like it isn't obvious- I'm a way bigger fan of female actresses than male. They're just more inspiring and ideal/it's easy to idolize them. It's like we're all Team Vagina//Pussy is Power type shit. ha
Mila Kunis plays the coolest hard ass in every film to me. And it's funny how fly she was with all the Bummy ass clothes she had on. She's so cool.
bla blA BLAH.

Also: the grandma and grandpa haha, "I know what the Fuck I'm doin" -Martha.

and another quote. I think it was like "I walk by faith, not by sight". I don't know exactly but it was pretty tight. even though I'm not that Jesus going.

8:32pm (Movie When in Rome)

I have this tendency to watch a movie just because of the particular Actress or Actor in it. Like, no shit, I know we all do. I saw "Jennifer's Body" for the sole reason of Seeing Jennifer's body. I knew it would be completely horrible, but Megan Fox is Luv. Anyways, I just got done watching "When in Rome" cause I also have an admirable Crush on Kristen Bell; She's Gorgeous. If I was white, I would definitely be a Red head, but if I was Blonde- I'd look up to her! Back to the Film. It was alright. There was a whole bunch of times I didn't laugh.. but I did a few. It wasn't that sentimental but I did take a few things from this Movie:

1. Bitch, your chances on a Home Run hit Love = Second to None. Seriously, it's like 1 out of 10 and clearly I'm not a fond believer in it. Beth complains about how every time she falls in Love, she gets her Heart Broken when it's Over?? THAT'S THE DEAL. How much would Love weigh if all there was to it was elevating Happiness. Somebody quote me. How much joy that person Brings you should be equivalent to the Pain they bring you, as well. It cancels out. Remaining definitely worth it. DUH.

2. Never would I ever... Disrespect Christian Louboutin -by kicking off his Lavender Closed Toed Shoes ..worthlessly aside.. on the steps of a Fountain.
I'm developing a good eye for those Red Bottoms. I like HAVE to have a pair -within the Next 2 years. Hold me to it.

I guess I didn't really learn anything, afterall. It just reminded me of what I already Know.

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lmao, bitch better work



So I just skyped it up with Blue not too long ago. Talking about the future with him excites me. UNKO has so much in store, and for everyone who has supported and been there from the get-go.. Buckle Up.
Blue also questioned my possible Romance with Saundra. #Lies lol.
Blues also been checking out my Blog.. like recent posts and shit lol, and I feel like if it has kept Blue's Interest, It's legit! ha. We thought about doing Combined Blogging or whatever. Thad be fuckin tight. But we don't need that many Blogspots., btw.

I told Blue that it sucks that I can't post everything I really want to (Like when I used to on Myspace, I knew who could.would read my shit.)
but because this Blog is so open and A) people would be super angry with me when/if they figured I was talkin bout them lol.. and B) You guys would really know a shit load 'about' my life. ! And I would hate for y'all to think that you've got me figured out.
BUT -Most importantly, Blue told me "DO IT." and fuck what everybody would say or think.
I think I'm going to take his advice, but I'm almost certain this will bite back every now and then.. Fuck it.
..well, we'll see. If I start that again, it'll take me a while to ease into it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Before I die:

One of those things I have to get. In Black, please.
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shakin' my head.
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This looks like DeVry University Advertisement.

Love a man goin' to Work.

Ciara -"Ride"

Damn it, Ciara... This girl has really been producing some good Music lately?? like substantially aside from other girl R&B Artists. This shit is JAMMIN'
And this video goes too hard. Uber hard.

I'm headed to the Waxing Salon Right Now. And damn I used to hate how she show cased her abs with like so much emphasis in her other videos, but I guess she has a reason too! Not too many girls can have arm muscles and still be cool. ...Shoutouts to her Fitted Turned BACKWARDS and them Louboutin pumps I see you rockin' girl.

Okay, Okay.. Bitch better wurk
&shoutouts to BowWow = #fail

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

This ones a little bit longer, but the girl can Preach:

"Addiction is the Hallmark of every infatuation-based Love Story. It all begins when the Object of your Adoration bestows upon you heady, hallucinogenic dose of something you never even dared to admit that you wanted -an emotional speed ball, perhaps, of thundering Love or roiling excitement. Soon you start craving the intense Attention, with the hungry obsession of any junkie. When the Drug is withheld, your promptly turn sick, crazy and depleted (not to mention resentful of the Dealer who encouraged this addiction in the first place but who now refuses to pony up the Good Stuff anymore-despite the fact that you know he has it hidden somewhere, Goddamn it, because he used to give it to you for free). Next stage finds you Skinny and Shaking in a Corner, certain only that you would sell your soul or rob your Neighbors just to have that thing even one more time."


Awesome Live Performance

I dare you to count how many times he says "I know" at the End.

I think I got to like 27?
&Shoutouts to Blue


My favorite band is tied between Them and Paramore -close call

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