Monday, December 3, 2012

Team Work Dream Work

Me and Cory had a presentation in Digital Retail last week. Very very clutch, after seeing a handful of presentations before ours, Cory went back and redid the slides and what not. Schools been pretty crazy lately, so the morning of, we met at the library before class and went over a few facts and who would be talking about what. We were the second to last group to go. I thought it went really well, even though we got cut off... but I'll be damned if not like 6 or so people (even an older woman) came up to us after class praising us on such an excellent job. I was completely taken back because they were so generous with their complements. Homie said they wish we would've got to finish and our presentation was over fucking L.L. Bean and Lands End e-Commerce. Anyways. We took a picture: Photobucket

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