Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been thinking about you guys.

It's been awhile since I've thoroughly had time to sit down and blog..I've been all over Texas this past week. But I'll have you know that with every peek in my feelings... with every point of realization, I wanted to tell y'all first. I just got comfortable with the topic like 2 days ago enough to talk to a few friends about it.

I've talked to myself as much as I talked to anybody else about this fatal car accident my friends were in. I had very many people reach out to me and lend me their ears but I didn't want to speak to anyone specifically. Still, I want everyone to know.. And that's where blogging comes in. even Twitter, I'm not going to lie. It allows me to blindfoldingly tell everyone indirectly. Y'all are who I've been venting to, and it's terrible--maybe childish, but it's helped me significantly through all of this. seriously. I know I've been nagging and redundant and real depressing, but I sincerely thank everyone who's been following up on my blog. I haven't done much of responding but I remember everyone who's personally checked in on me. Putting up with me in general. I have amazing friends. I've made a lot of new ones through all this. I'm not done with the post.. she's all I got to talk about these days. Just wanted to say thanks.

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