Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letters to the sky.

I've been up since 5. I can't get back to sleep. It is haunting the fuck out of me. You really can't tell someone you love them enough. We had so many fact of matter conversations, I wish I could just talk to you about your death. Just so we could end it on a cheap joke and a few well, at least...'s. I wish you knew how painfully destructive this is for so many of us. Your love is vital, girl.

Everyone is reaching out. Everyone is lifting you. We're all saying the same thing... such a beautiful soul. Your interior and exterior beauty matched the same. You were so fucking original, such your own person. I bragged about you all the time. Everyone wanted to know you. I was so privileged with your friendship and absolutely loved watching it develop for 2 years. Seriously. I recognized the day I admitted you and Candice into my inner ring of friends and it felt real fucking right. I remember when I got my first legitimate I love you, not like a ily, love ya, ect. Jokes got funnier and conversation got deeper. We really had an understanding, and I didn't use it to my advantage enough. I should've talked to you more 'cause I needed somebody and you would've told me exactly what I needed to hear.

It eases my heart so much that you knew I whole-heartedly fucked with you. Everything I thought you deserved. I told you twice before. I never told how exquisite your taste in style was though. Like one of my favorites, ever. How highly I think of you; mountain tops couldn't see my views. I love you forever. You're my girl forever.

We have so many plans in store for you, Maggie.

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