Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The last time we hung out

was August the 25th, in the wee hours of the morning. We went to the strip club. And I just so happened to sit next to Candice at our little table. It was loud in there and we were all chillin'.. I ended up talking to Candice practically the entire night just cause she was next to me and I kept thinking about how I was kind of excluding you. But you didn't think a thing about it. I know other girls would've tripped, or wouldn't have enjoyed their time.. but Maggie was just chilling. Cool, calm, and collective. I was thinking ALL of this AS it happened. And I know if I asked her that night, she would've said she had fun. There are so many fine qualities about this girl.

We'd get so ridiculous together. Me, you, and Candice bro. It became a mutual feeling that we couldn't really say "we really out here" unless we were together. Motherfuckers got so lose man. I swear I shared some of my wildest moments next to you.. we made the best of shit. Remember the man hunt we did for each other during SXSW. You are my girl. I lowkey/highkey wanted us to get into with somebody just so I can fight for you. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, except sneaking in that hennessy in my dress last week. Which reminds me how fucking fearless you were. We coulda dropped you off anywhere in any city and you'd be alright. You were really out there my nigga, swagging shit Solo if need be. You were just a get shit done motherfucker. You lowkey wore the pants between you and Candice. I'm certain that you were hit first (taking the the most impact) because you were the one filling the tank. I just can't get across how much I love you. If I didn't get to become as good as friends with you as I did, I would still cry the same. You are what every human on this earth should strive to be. You were so perfect. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Realistically. You were a role model for humanity. So fucking positive. So fucking humane. I love you so much. I've admired you for so long now. it's not something I just realized now that you're gone. I took into consideration everything. You are so iconic to me. I miss you more than my heart can stand.

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