Monday, September 3, 2012

Last night, I was grabbing a drink with a few co-workers when my friend Farris stressed that I call him immediately. Farris always calls me randomly, I didn't think much of it. When we got on the phone, he informed me that two of my friends: Candice and Maggie were in an accident. He didn't tell me anything else 'cause he didn't want me to drive hysterically, but urgently pressed me to come to the hospital. I did. Driving, I cried for severe injuries-as implicated over the phone. Then I met up with a handful of mutual friends in a long stretched hallway outside of where my friend was being nursed for recovery. Then I met the hospital floor. Then I cried for death. Maggie, someone very close to my heart has died at the age of 22 yesterday afternoon. Candice remains in stable condition and will undergo surgery later on this week.

It's 11am and I'm trying to put things in perspective. My eyes are swollen and caved in and it literally looks like I've been punched twice. My shirt sleeves coated in snot. I'm trying to grasp the reality of this and it's a strenuous process. More than my own death, my biggest fear is losing someone I'm close to. I haven't had to experience it until now. I've had family members pass, but they were a little distant. I was close to Maggie. Or she was close to me. She was a friend of mine in the most sincerest form. This is devastating.

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