Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last two days I've probably spent about 6 or 7 hours in the hospital and only visited with Candice for about 5 minutes total. It's the obligation of being there, morally if anything. I'm getting more acquainted with her family and they such pleasant people. Even with the given circumstances. That beautiful face of hers is untouched. aside from the fact that her jaws wired shut. Her jaw, scapula, pelvis, and a few ribs are broken. She's in a lot of pain and heavily medicated but going to be alright though. I tried telling her this yesterday.. Told her they were taking her out of ICU and she was recovering quickly. She mumbled, It doesn't fucking feel like it. It's good to hear her curse. She even asked Will why he didn't bring her a blunt. I'm glad she's recovering well, but it only leads to worse. A lot of people don't realize she hasn't been informed of Maggie's death. This will hit her harder than the car. If you haven't witnessed it for yourself, you can't even begin to fathom how close these two were. You don't separate these two--even in a text message, you don't. They're collectively one person. They've lived/moved cities together, left the country together, went to school together, worked together... you name it. I think I've known them for just short of two years and I've only hug out with them separately maybe 2 or 3 times. Really, I can only think of one time--but 2 or 3 incase I forgot some. We're trying to wait till she's physically and mentally prepared. I absolutely terrified for her 'cause she's about to endure more pain than than her broken bones. I'm also terrified that she'll reject me and maybe others. I remember in High School, my best friend and I weren't speaking and none of my other friends would suffice. they just immediately aggravated and annoyed me 'cause there friendship couldn't compare. I'm nervous.


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