Thursday, October 18, 2012

It all started with this text:

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If I haven't shared before, homies Jayde and Tia hit me with a fantastical proposal, a proposition to join something they started. Brave Natives is the name we decided on, and it consist of 7 people. We're somewhat intriguing and across the nation in places like Manhattan, North Carolina, Atlanta-to Washington-where 3 of them go to school. Boys and Girls, in school/some not, all around the same age and doing something considered exciting or maybe privileged in our life. We will all keep to our current projects but also blog for one (Brave Natives). I think this is going to be pretty profound. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting everyone, but that's another big reason I'm out here. I'm also headed to Washington D.C. for Howard's homecoming and to link up with some other crazy kids. Cool, right?

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