Monday, October 15, 2012

I had a very bad dream last night.

It was actually a very good dream until I woke up. Twas the first time I've dreamt about Maggie... She was back. A little battered and slightly dysfunctional but back nonetheless. The dream was so realistic in the sense that ... I just kept thinking how crazy science is, and why did it take doctors so long to realize that they could save her. And then I would laugh at myself and joke around with her for getting this tattoo and she wasn't even dead anymore. Her, Candice and I all went to some event/gathering-just like we used to. Fucked around downtown. No biggie but it just felt so fucking good because I'll never experience it again. My dream was very realistic and definitely gave me the wake up and look around effect. I woke up to a nightmare. It was punishing joke I unintentionally played on myself. This situation is still so very heavy on my heart.

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