Saturday, July 23, 2011

I wake up from my slumber to hear the most

musically wrenching news that Amy Wine house is dead. Not going to lie, just writing this out is making me teary eye'd/tears fall. It's fucking sickening to me because I'd probably cut throat for her. I've never spoke about my top favorite artists and not mentioned her. In fact, I swear to fucking Allah that her CD is in rotation right fucking now in my car.. I am a serious fan of Amy Winehouse, which you probably could have guessed from previous posts I did about her. Her indirectly affecting my life-musically, the way it has, is making her untimely death hit home a bit.

I'm full of empathy but extremely appreciative for her timeless music provided for me to sway to since I first got put on when I was 15.

How adulatingly talented can you be? Hearing this again makes me cry again.

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