Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hair Cut

i'm pretty irate. I've been betrayed twice now this past weekend. My hair's about 2 and maybe 3 inches shorter today, than it was last wednesday/thursday. That's not the shit I signed up for. Basically, I knew I would be getting weave in my hair and that she wanted to do a asymmetrical cut on me. However, I was reassured over and over again that she would be cutting the weave and not my actual hair. NOT THE FUCKING CASE. This woman is a professional and I did not doubt her work. But by Saturday after I got the weave taken out and washed/straightened my hair, it was purely evident that there was a significant difference in my length.

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I've never wished short hair upon myself. When I first cut my hair (refer to the picture at the top of my blog), I only did it because my hair was in bad shape and I needed a healthy cut. Until now, I had spent a long 16 months growing my hair out and I WAS ACTUALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE. All my friends know how fingers crossed I wanted my hair to grow. I was becoming VERY satisfied with my length of hair, especially knowing it was still growing. I am TRAGICALLY upset to announce to you all that this time last year, my hair was longer than where it is now. I'VE BEEN SET BACK OVER A FUCKING YEAR. Do y'all realize how slow black people's hair grows? I've been whining about it consistently since Saturday afternoon----But I know that won't make my hair grow any longer any time soon so... For now, I'll try to swag it as much as possible.

If you could do me a favor and pour out some liquor (or any beverage) for my lost strands of hair, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


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