Sunday, July 17, 2011


Basically, I'm never going to get the chance to blog. Believe me, I want to. But these past couple of days have been so hectic. Like me leaving for class, then heading to work... then coming home real quick to change and go out. My nights end thrashed at like 4 or I just spend the night at someone else's. Wake up and have a list of things to do again. But I definitely have a lot to share, just don't know when I'll be able to. If you follow me or we're friends on facebook, you've probably already got word of this upscale photoshoot I did with my sister. I feel like I should blog about that first before anything else.

I could've got some blogging done last night, but instead I used my night in to talk/freestyle to Anthony until he assumingly- drunkenly fell asleep. I set my alarm clock an hour earlier to do some blogging this morning, but I just got a phone call about 7 minutes ago of my job asking if I could come in earlier. Le sigh. Anddddd after that, there's a pool party at The W I want to pass through... probably won't be at the laptop for awhile =/

I'm sorry everybody, but your patience is appreciated and I will post A GAGILLION THINGS when I get the chance to!



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