Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Story Time

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The fellow above is my young nigga Mike. Mike had been preying on this chick in his class for awhile now and had his whole scheme of attack planned out. The day of their exam, he was going to use he considerable pick-up line of How do you think you did on your test?.. perfect. To match the time she finished her test, he looked back every so often to check and see if she was still there. Fast forward to the funny part. The teacher finally announces there's about a minute left to finish up and too worried about the young woman behind him, Mike still has 10 questions to go. He starts filling in whatever the fuck for answers. He looks back to see that his lady to be has made her escape. Two birds one stone, he missed his chance with the girl AND missed at least 10 questions on his exam. He walked in his place just shaking his head saying 'stupid' repeatedly and explained all this to us.

It tickled me to death. Fin

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