Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

I have to hurry and talk about my fantastical day before anything goes wrong. It all started dumb as fuck as I woke up around 7 to continue studying for my Digital Retail exam at 11. By studying, I mean laying on my side sleeping with the notes also on my pillow. As a matter of fact, we can start before that with my sleep. Last night was a little rough. I crashed at my boys place last second and slept on the floor in a beanie/hoodie + 2 more hoodies that I unzipped and used for a blanket. Talk about comfortable.

I got ready in a timely manner and made it to class with enough time to have another quick review. I fucking engaged in a couple of jokes with my fellow classmates and proceeded to ace my test.

I'm sitting down deciding what I want to eat for lunch today and Sana happens to call. Ring Ring Ring. She's on campus too and we immediately link up. Right when we're walking out to grab some food across the street, we see Karrence! So now I'm strolling through with two people I never see on campus. We go smoke a real smooth joint and eat some delicious pizza. Me and the cashier had really brief/delightful conversation. Some handsome young man conveniently leaves as we're looking for a seat and offers us his table. We get done eating and we're lingering outside and this dude walking by tells us we look really cool, and that he wasn't being sarcastic. We're appreciative. We share a few good more laughs and go our separate ways and I retreat back to Karrence's place to take an incredible nap. That pretty much sums up the first half of my day.

Part two coming soon. I can't believe you read all this.

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