Saturday, March 24, 2012

SXSW Reflection

I know you can't tell, but my phone was dead for a certified 50% of the time and I wish I could give y'all more of a play by play of my trip. So much I left out but I think y'all get the gist.

Regardless of how many shows you see or artist you meet or whatever, the amount of fun you have is predetermined. It's entirely in your hands how much fun you have.

There's a few objectives to this special week in Austin. The art of SXSW is being everywhere at once... which is in fact impossible to catch everything that's going on. Another one (and what's crucially important) is the kind of company you keep. I'm absolutely privileged with the friends I have simply cause they're some real ass motherfuckers. They're beautiful, inside and out and they make me laugh. My friends all over the fucking nation-all in the same city-roughly on the same streets-persistently turning up together.. I love that more than you could imagine. I could go through the countless amount of people I ran into but then I would leave someone out and they'd be offended. NOT TO MENTION the handful of people I met. I've formed profound friendships in the previous SX's and I hope to continuously do it again. SXSW is the time and place once a year for where cool diversified people collectively meet and merge positive energy. It is business and pleasure at it's finest and holds unlimited opportunities for the present and future. I will forever embrace it. Love to everyone I encountered, thank you for contributing to my good time and LOVE to that beautiful city, Austin, Tejas. TEXAS MADE.


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