Monday, March 26, 2012

Sana Mama

Meet Sana. I'll be doing a series of post on some of my newest good friends and shit, and I'll start with her:

I don't know where the fuck she came from, but I met her at a party during Christmas Break I believe, and we've been friends ever since. It's weird a little cause we're not exactly parallel.. in fact, we differ on A LOT of things. But I consider her a good friend of mine, nonetheless, and hopefully for the long run. I'm thinking she's my UNT best friend. Anywho, I think that today's our first day-in what feels like 2 months- that we haven't spoke/hangout. I'm just waiting for us to get tired of each other so this is good for us, ha

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Isn't she just dazzling to look at? One of the reasons I posted this picture is because she avoids taking pictures ALL THE TIME (maybe a quick shot at a party or something).. the fact that she's revealing this much of her face is what I like to call "face cleavage".

She's chill as fuck, y'all go follow her, she hates that shit @ohhayyygirl

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