Thursday, October 13, 2011

this should be me.

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You know those small dreams or aspirations you have, and you don't fulfill them or actually act on them until you've lived with the regret for years, and you try to do it when you're like 35. Man, I love the Cello (and I wish I still played that too) but I've always always wanted to learn how to play the drums. Fuck that's so much up my alley. Coming into college is when I really took particular interest in playing the drums, but it seems a bit pointless if I'm not in a literal or school band. So air-drums satisfy my urge. Still, especially after I watched this clip on Zoe Kravits... I should be in a small fucking rock band. If I played the drums, I would vow to never wear shirts and always a headband or bandana. And as far as singing goes, I can't, but I can certainly yell. I'm pretty sure I would rock shit. Le sigh

can't believe I missed her at SXSW.. I would have threw my panties on stage.

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