Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was wondering how you decide how much of your personal life you are comfortable sharing on your blog? How do you decide what is off limits? You seem very open, but are there things you would never share or are not comfortable talking about?

Mannn, I don't give a fuckkkK... I look at it like this: When I exploit or expose myself..

1- I'm doing it before another person has the chance to (which I usually don't have to worry about)
2- Ultimately, it makes me more comfortable with myself.

I guess there's a few ways I look at it. Another thing is I typically know how I'm going to be perceived by my audience. or how the information I put out will be perceived (or how it should). Basically, I've never said anything on my blog and wish I hadn't.

I draw the line when it's more so someone else's business than mine. unless it significantly becomes my business too. I also hate subliminal messages, so I refrain from those unless they're really discrete or really obvious. However, I would do that wayy more if my blog wasn't as popular or viewed by my peers as it is. . . which brings me to my last point.

I so badly wish that I had the same count, but DIDN'T know my followers because I would really be able to break down my love life, friendships, embarrassing shit, my family, jobs... just everyday scenarios. my blog would be so much better; that's why I really started it. but like I was saying, I'm pretty much known for my blog and everyone from strangers - to friends - to my friend's friends-to love interests - to teachers - to family members- to job managers - and whoever the fuck else peeps my shit. I wouldn't put names out there but it would be impossible to blog about a situation and that person to not read/hear about it and feel attacked ...or me having a subliminal post.

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