Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do you ever regret not getting great grades in school?


I'm still in school and very much so regretting some of the mistakes I've made as recent as this semester. There's really no excuse why I put myself in deep hole predicaments like I do so well. The concept of school is really simple, but I'm hard pressed on learning from my mistakes and procrastination will KILL the college student. I've slacked off a lot at UNT and I'm definitely not getting away with it. Right now, I'm set back roughly a semester but I plan on finishing school before anything else and hopefully I won't be obligated to take any breaks :I

If you meant high school, yeah, I most definitely regret the grades I got then too... I mean I passed my classes, but I really wish I would've payed more attention to the fundamentals of subjects and developed better study habits. You can't get away with the borderline shit you did in high school (yes you can).

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