Monday, October 3, 2011

So I threw a little part shindigg Friday... Fuck the Police.

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Party control. I'm over it. You know, I kept that crowd away from my residence-literally turning people away at my door. And even for the sake of my neighbors, I told them all in advance that I would be having something that night and that they were either welcomed to stop by for a drink or they let me know if it gets to be too much.

With that being said, my neighbors beneath us began to feel really annoyed when trash was toppling over our balcony into their door way... She said something about it/it was brought to my attention and I told my party guest to respectfully throw away their trash or give it to me... It happened again and pretty much the party was over...Guests started leaving and I made sure everything was good between her and I.

I mean to tell you that about 15 minutes after this party's over. There's about 6 people in my place, 4 playing beer pong with like 2 cans of beer and water... 2 other motherfuckers watching TV and the COPS come. Completely taken back of why they were even there, I stepped outside to talk to him and he immediately refuses to give me information on himself or why he was there, but demanded I give him my ID. It didn't take long to trigger my attitude but if you could imagine how I felt getting chewed out for a noise complaint/music being too loud when the party was completely over, and HAD been. THE ONLY THING ON WAS THE TV. And I verbally told him I was going to oblige by what he had asked, but I simply wanted to know why he was there in the first place. When It was all said in done.. I got a citation for disorderly conduct, noise complaint/music being too loud. Motherfuck the police. I'm not paying that shit. ridiculous.

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