Friday, October 7, 2011

My class and I met and got to hear guest speaker Jan Strimple

this morning. I didn't know who she was at first either... but a 2 minute look into Google, and quickly learning as she began to talk... basically this woman's Based God. I must have blinked like 10 times max listening to her. I was so intrigued; I didn't realize how into high fashion I was. And maybe you won't be as interested as we were, but Jan is basically an x-international model (modeling and developing close relations with any given high-end company you can think of and covering magazines and shit bla blah). With her experience, she's now your go-to-woman for any fashion production done in Dallas and probably surrounding cities. I'm doing a really bad job giving you an overview of her, you can check her out either here or here. ..doesn't compare to hearing her speak in person... with her presence and what not. She's the real deal

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I have to share with you guys a story she told us... that JUST happened/in fact is still happening. She was explaining how fast the fashion industry can be, right... There's this high school senior ass nigga that's modeling for Kim Dawson (Dallas' primary model agency) and by chance of God probably, this big NY photographer was in town and shot a couple of test shots with these guys. The photographer went back to NY and the next night ended up showing these test shots on his phone to some very important people at a party. The next morning (this past wednesday, I believe), Calvin Klein calls Kim Dawson saying that they're interested in shooting him for the next Calvin Klein underwear campaign...

His Mom has to yank him out of school real quick, take a picture on her phone of him in some CK underwear.. send that to Kim Dawson who sends that to NY... The next day, Thursday, they fly him out to get a better feel of the dude... They fly him out for no reason because the dudes not even there that he was supposed to meet.

Nonetheless, they were like fuck it. We ARE going to do the next Calvin Klein underwear campaign with you... Can we fly you out tomorrow (Friday) to shoot it... Talking about instant fame PLUS 300,000 dollars... this fool comes back and says "No, I've made a commitment to my football team; I have a game that night" BOLD AS FUCK. Luckily, incredibly lucky for him, Calvin Klein comes back and asks that he reschedules for Monday... dude says yes.

Between Last Monday and This upcoming Monday, this motherfucker will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and will watch his new found career e x p l o d e through the roof. He's a goddamn high school senior.


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