Tuesday, October 11, 2011

listened to J Cole's album yesterday

This niggas the next Pac... personal opinion.

This be my jam, right here

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  1. Albums extremely nice (minus "Mr. Nice Watch" shit sucks). The rest should be some pretty classic shit though. I would refer to Kendrick as the next Pac before this nigga though...

  2. word. I think they're both lyrically capable and up there, and though the address the same kind of shit, J Cole leans more towards Pacs style. Simply because Kendrick can get too complex and it goes over peoples heads... J Cole will say the same shit, but make it more direct.

  3. I agree with you, I guess its the fact that J Cole's shit just seems more watered down to me compared to Kendrick's but its the same shit nonetheless...But i would say that Section 80 seemed more Pac like lyrically then Cole World does though to me atleast.