Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goddamn Gypsy. Always on the move.

I have two bags that I pack all this shit in and just move from Irving to Denton to Dallas in whichever order. Summers in Denton are dry as fuck and my place is cold but humid. but why? My hair can't last it. And really, the On Demand option at my Mom and Sisters place is everything. Anywho this is me living out my car. I like to have options.

Photobucket Like fucking twenty pairs to the left ...however many shirts to the right Photobucket Delicates and stockings and socks Photobucket Belts and suspenders Photobucket Headwear Photobucket Not to mention Photobucket Prepared for physical activities as well Photobucket accessories. even Photobucket lastly Photobucket

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