Monday, September 26, 2011


Well guys. I was on my last strike at work. I was going to be late coming in today; I had Verizon come by to fix my internet and had to rush these niggas... I called my job to let them know so, and at first I couldn't get through. But when I finally did, My store manager was so upset with me, he told me not even to come in. This happened within the last 15 minutes, by the way. I am pretty sure... I'm going to be removed from the Levi's Staff. This upsets me sincerely 'cause I love my fucking job. It's been the only job I've had within the past year and I have no interest in working somewhere else. Perhaps, I should have taken more precaution about getting there on time. Fuck. I'm pretty bummed right now. Fingers crossed I don't get fired. fuck shit damn.

Sad Bro.

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