Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What's most ridiculous is-this is me getting ready for bed.

Walking around my home, there's 2/3's of a chance I have on a hat. Mackenzie's seen me several times (be it 95 degrees outside and 60 degrees in our home) walking around randomly with a beanie on or something. Bandanas, all the same.
And as for these over-sized flannels: I'd feel real genuine and cute about myself if they actually used to belong to a friendboy of mine, but unfortunately I've bought these for myself. They didn't coordinate with my outfits as well as I thought they would but damn are they comfortable to sleep in.

Do I go to bed like a South Central Mexican? Maybe. Occasionally. Am I contently (yet pathetically) single and/or sleeping to my lonesome at night? The answer is 'Yes' to both.

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So until I find reason to pull out my non-existent red-lace Victoria Secret pajama dress, I'm going to thug out my beauty sleep like so

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