Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One of my latest obsessions has been dude pants.

Or otherwise known as "Lesbian Levis" (given to me by Erika.) no homo. But that's that shit. I mentioned that my style hasn't been this androgynous since I was 10 years old and solely shopping in the boys department. But I'm at a day and age again where I just can't help myself. Look at them, they're just too comfortable. All I do is buy mens skinny jeans and cut them into shorts.

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Also, I was cleaning out a closet the other day and peep this: Evisu jeans. They were womens skinnys and I bought these circa 2005 in high school. I just knew I was cool. If these still fit me, I'd totally where them today. I'm not even gonna try.

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  1. Love it though. Unfortunately I can't wear most, if not all of my shorts around my moms because nearly all of them are cut offs, and if you're me, anything below the tip of my knee cap is too long (she can't stand it). What can I say, I love my hairy ass legs.