Monday, April 25, 2011

I also want to recognize my younger cousin.

You may know her as the Brightest Farruya. She's my 13 year old cousin, Karina Farruya, who I'm convinced is capable of doing and being anything she chooses.

Last summer, a group of 11 Robert M. Finley Middle School girls – who have known each other since kindergarten – wanted to do something more with their time off from school. The girls, who are all under the age of 14, created a fundraising group known as “Stitches for Joy and Cupcakes for the Cure,” or SJCC. Using the skills they learned at camp, they stitched bracelets with intricate patterns and baked hundreds of pink ribbon cupcakes, which they sold at events held throughout Glen Cove.

The girls made appearances at the Downtown Jazz Festival and Morgan Park Beach Festival. By the end of summer, they had raised over $1,000 for their cause of choice: the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
“We all have family members or friends with breast cancer,” said Farruya.
Their efforts encouraged other members of the community to take action, as residents began making baked goods for further support, according to a recent news release. Even as a new school year began, the girls continued their philanthropic work. This past October, the girls sold cupcakes at the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk for a Cure and have created Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the word of their endeavors.

“Having fun together and, at the same time, knowing you’re doing something right for others; it’s just a really good feeling,” added Blinkoff.

While the girls' hard work stands out on their high school activity sheets and counts as community service, Farruya said that the fundraiser is more than just about fulfilling school requirements: “It’s not that we wanted to put this on paper,” she said. “We felt that this was needed to help others."

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Be it she's 6 years younger than me, she's so admirable.


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