Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anyone relatively close to me knows/has dealt with my overbearing insecurity(ies) in a friendship-blame two of my previous roommates. Jayde kind of pets those insecurities, enough to calm me down until I hear a loud noise or something. I was having my doubts the other night when all the while, it was just a connection problem. talking across the world gets tricky. Eventually she said some reassuring shit/a nice reminder.. Then the next day my christmas present from her came in the mail, better late than never.

I was expecting something completely different so initially I was confused as shit when I opened it. Realized by the adjustment made to my middle name who sent it. besides eBay. It's a dirt bike Honda jersey.. something I've actually been wanting for some time now. I don't even remember when I mentioned it to her but I'm sure I did; lo and behold. Thanks, Jayde.

She decided it's better off I keep my gift to her until she visits. It's tight as shit, not gonna lie. 3 things total.
Symbolic gifts or ones given with a little extra thought steer clear to my heart, that goes for everybody.

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