Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I feel like writing letters to people. but I have no actual intention of giving people these letters. I guess common folk would call this a diary. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it or not. Not sure if it's kind of childish, or if I want to do it because subconsciously, I want the person I'm writing to see it one day? don't know.

I'm watching Her. It's so goddamn relevant in so many different ways. Artistically and Philosophically. Can't get over the brilliance conjured in this movie. And coincidentally I'm watching another film with Joaquin Phoenix.. so underrated. Between this and Inherent Vice, I'm tempted to go back and watch every film he's ever done. not really, but close.

In addition to setting up my schedule and syncing my computer and phone calendar, I also want a physical one. And sticky notes. But I can't help but feel like if I use sticky notes for the note to self reminders .. that's like the first stage of going crazy. If I go missing and they check my apartment. Once they see the sticky notes they're going to suggest I was off the shits, at least a little.

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