Thursday, March 21, 2013

Couple camera phone shots

 photo IMG_4504_zps510b0717.jpg  photo IMG_4516_zpscb3829fb.jpg  photo IMG_4517_zps9e8ea573.jpg I tried to hide my tits and Saundra shows them off. My stomach looks good right here, deceiving  photo IMG_4522_zpse5994247.jpg  photo IMG_4521_zps3432b129.jpg  photo IMG_4532_zps31eb0289.jpg  photo IMG_4519_zps18a407d4.jpg  photo IMG_4588_zpse1faeda3.jpg  photo IMG_4566_zpsbba939b5.jpg  photo IMG_4578_zps22a560b9.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpsbf701a18.jpg ratchet  photo IMG_4557_zps1465697f.jpg  photo IMG_4549_zps2b25bdf0.jpg PUERTO RICO DAYS 1-3 ARE UP ON LE BRAVE NATIVES BLOG CLICK HERE


  1. Swear you and saundra need makeout pics, shit would be hot..yall are hot together. got damn